QR Codes Help You Sell.

By John Wilson

QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes. They differ from the normal barcode that you usually think of whose bars are the same from top to bottom. QR Codes differ as you look at them from top to bottom.

QR codelink to internet-local.com

Normal Barcode QR Code above contains: http://www.internet-local.com

I first found QR codes on a Google Places page. They had the code for the url that would take a user to my Places page right on my page as an image. At the time, my phone was not a smart phone and I had to get a friend to scan the QR Code and watch as it took them to my Google Places page.

I have since gotten my own Android Incredible from Verizon and am able to scan the code myself.

How to Use Your Phone to Create a QR Code

I use the app Barcode Scanner. A few days ago I discovered that you can also use your smartphone to create a QR Code for any contact in your phone. The QR code will then be displayed on your phone’s screen so that another person with a smart phone and the barcode scanner could scan the image and have the information loaded into their phone.

So, for instance, if you were at a meeting and someone that you had just met wanted your contact information, just do as above and they could easily and quickly have your contact information in their phone. And you could get theirs also

It is MUCH easier to get information this way than it would be to type it into your phone using its keyboard. And Quicker and with less chance of a typo!

The QR Code below contains complete contact info: First Name, Last Name, phone#, Email, Website, Organization, Street address, City, State, Zipcode and Country.


fake contact data in qr code

When I scan it on my Incredible, I get choices to Add Contact, Show Map, Dial Number or Send Email

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