A QR Code to Your Google Plus Local Page

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Get the Write a Review button on a Mobile Browser.

I found a link the other day that would work for desktop AND mobile devices.

It actually would deliver the Google Plus Local page to my desktop computer but would also work on my mobile phone.

It delivers the desktop version of the page to your mobile phone.

That means you will probably have to turn the phone to get landscape mode. That worked for me so that I could actually read and use the page.

It is Simple

Add this to the end of your normal link to your page: ?fd=1

This is the link to The Varsity, Atlanta, GA


Here is the QR Code to the Google Plus Local Page:





Scan it with a barcode scanner app from your smartphone.

One write a review button is on the line just below the header image; the other one shows near the bottom of the page just above the “Similar Places” section.

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