Build or Improve Your Online Reputation – An Automated Solution.

By: John Wilson


Currently less than 5% of all business listings on Google have reviews. The ones that do are typically negative.

Be Pro-Active in getting great reviews from your real Customers or Clients.

Reviews and Ratings are becoming more and more important to being Found near the top of search engines.

Most businesses don’t ask their Customers for reviews. Maybe, because the business doesn’t know how to tell the Customer exactly how to post a review.

The Solution:

They offer an automated System which makes it easy for a Business and their Customers to improve their online Reputation and their visibility online.

It keeps the Business informed along the way as to the feedback being submitted by their Customers.

The operation is setup so that the customers who rate the business high will be asked to post their Review on Google, Yahoo or Bing. The Customer is given the exact link to the page so that they can Review the Business making it quick and easy.

Results have been quite impressive. Take a look.

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