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Infographic for SEO

By: John Wilson    Google Questions to help you select a Lawn Care (Treatment) company. To receive the Questions in plain text format, enter your email address in the box below.                                                   […]

Use Your Own Email Address As Your Google Plus Username

Why Use Your own email can be used as your username?   By: John Wilson    My Google Profile UPDATE: 3/22/14  I just noticed that the Captcha where prove that you are not a Robot has gotten really simple, just numbers now which makes it really easy. Before it was next to impossible to read some of […]

A QR Code to Your Google Plus Local Page

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile Get the Write a Review button on a Mobile Browser. I found a link the other day that would work for desktop AND mobile devices. It actually would deliver the Google Plus Local page to my desktop computer but would also work on my mobile phone. It delivers the desktop […]

Getting a Zagat Score Just Got More Important!

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile Getting a Zagat Score just got more important as of a few days ago because of a feature to put those businesses with a Zagat Score ahead of those without one. Why? Because now you can get the Best Rated listings showing all together at the Top of the Page. […]

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