How to Get a Google+ Account.

By: John Wilson      Google

To get a New Google Account go here:

Depending on the exact screen, you click “SignUp” “Create a new Google Account” or
“Join Google+”. You should see a form as shown on the next page.

Here’s how to fill out.

Name: First and Last Name

Choose your username: You can use letters, numbers and periods.
Whatever you enter here becomes the first part of a NEW GMail email account that Google will create for you.
It will be the username that you Login to your Google Plus Account
It will also be the login for your Gmail account.

Create a password: Needs to be at least 8 characters in length.
Confirm your password: Enter the password again here.
Birthday: Click on Month to select the month from a drop-down list.
Enter the day and 4-digit year.

Mobile phone: You do NOT have to give this.

Your current email address: I recommend that you enter your best email address here. You may need it, if you forget your password.

Default homepage: Click to uncheck this.

Prove that you’re not a robot by typing the text you see in the box into the box below.
If you find it hard to read what is displayed click the circle arrow to get new text.
Click the I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Click the “Next Step” button

You will next go to a page where you can add your photo. You can skip this if you wish.

Click the “Next Step” button

It will tell you “You’re all set”.

Click the “Continue to Google+”

You will see a few other pages displayed but you don’ t have to do anything on them.

Your Google+ Account has been setup at this point.

You should be logged in and if you click the Local icon on the left column, you can search for Services or Products in a City and State that you enter at the top.


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