Finally, Write a Google Plus Review in mobile phone browser.

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Screenshots taken from my HTC DNA phone which delivers a 1020 x 1920 pixel image. When I zoomed in I had to turn the image to fit to the page.

A little more progess.

You can actually write a Google Plus Review inside a browser on your mobilephone.

The QR code to the url for the Google Plus local page still will not get you to the Write a review button.

Try scanning this QR code for The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.


It will NOT be mobile friendly, you may have to zoom in, then click the pencil icon (on the line with their name) to display the Review Form.

You can also click on the blue link to The Fox Theater which may be easier to see. It will take you to another page where you see the blue Write a review button.



See this after clicking the blue Fox Theatre link:



The review form shows after you click the Write a review button.


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