Get a Zagat Score Rating To Get Your Business Seen.

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Now you put Google+ Results in order by Zagat Score Rating when using Maps app

At the top now, there are new buttons that allow you to order the listing according to the Zagat Score Rating. That should put the better choices at the top now! Rated listings were previously scattered through the results. I think that puts pressure on businesses to try to achieve a high Zagat score.

You also have the option to filter by Distance, Open Now, Price, Rating, From Circles. There maybe more options, depending on the Category of your search?

Maps View or Results List shows as a choice at the bottom of the screen.

The results lists still shows distance from you which is nice to know.

You probably are already aware that you can search for Business Name, City, State and find a particular business. The listing that shows in this search will show the Write a review button so you can review the business.

You can also search by Category, such as Dentist, Automotive Repair, etc.

More listings are added as you scroll to the bottom.

You get some listings to start with, but if you view them and scroll down, when you near the end of those listings, Google adds more listings so you can continue to evaluate or search.

Previously, it seemed to me that the listings were ordered according distance from the center of the city searched. These are welcome improvements.

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