Get Search Results Sorted by Zagat Score Rating – Use Maps App

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Search local with your smartphone and get the ability to sort the results by Zagat Score rating.

You will get the Best Rated businesses to show at the top of the results.

Read the reviews and select the business you want to spend your money with.

Search for the product or service plus the city, state.



Currently if you search using Google from a Desktop computer you get results where Rated and UnRated businesses are all mixed together.

But who are you going to choose? Only someone who has 8 or 10 good reviews, right?

Search from your mobile phone using Google Maps App:

Just open Maps and type in what you are searching for. If you are on the Maps page, click the bottom of the page to go to the Results page.

There you can use the Rating button to select what minimum Score you want to see.

Read Reviews and make your Pick.

The Maps page lets you see who is nearest to you.

Try this! I bet you will really like the way it helps you do a local search.





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