How to Use Your Own Email Address to get a Google Plus Account.

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Getting a Google Plus Account Just Got Easier!

Starting Today…

You can use your Own Email Address to get a Google Plus Account.

This will make your login much easier to remember.

You can do this on Desktop or Mobile device.

Just click the “I prefer to use my current email address“ link under the “Choose Your Username” field at the top of the form.

I recommend that you signup on your Mobile Phone since you have it more often than any other computer and you are more likely to use your Google Plus Account to review a business while away from your Desktop computer.

Go to

Scan this QR Code with your mobile phone to get there.





You maybe able to “fudge” a little with your First or Last name. I have seen some accounts that use only an initial or maybe a nickname??

Whatever you use there will show on any Google Plus Review you write.

If you have trouble reading the “Robot Code” just click the Circular Arrow there to get another code. They have even made this easier. Most of them are easy enough to figure out.

Click Continue at the bottom an follow the instructions. You can skip some of the things that they ask for.

To make your Review “COUNT”, you should regularly Review someone. So when you get your account setup try it out on McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, Chick-Fil-A, etc.

Find the Business you want to review

Use Google Maps App on Android and Google Plus Local app on iPhone to find the business you want to review. Just search for the business name, city, state and click their name when it appears on the Map or in a list. Look for the Write a review button on a desktop or laptop.

But on a mobile phone, you will see Rate and Review and 5 Stars. This looks “grayed out” or Inactive, but when you click a Star, it becomes active and you will see that you can type your comments.



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