Getting a Zagat Score Just Got More Important!

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

Getting a Zagat Score just got more important as of a few days ago because of a feature to put those businesses with a Zagat Score ahead of those without one.


Because now you can get the Best Rated listings showing all together at the Top of the Page.

Both Android and Apple Mobile Devices Have Them.

At the top of the scree now, there are new buttons that allow you to order the listing according to the Zagat Score Rating. That should put the better choices at the top now!

Rated listings were previously scattered through the results. I think that puts pressure on businesses to try to achieve a high Zagat score.

On Android Maps you may need to toggle from Maps view to Results view.

Now you can touch the Rating button and then choose what rating level you want to see. Then you get those listings at the top of the page. So, for instance, if you wanted to see only listings with a Zagat score of  20 or higher

You also have the option to filter by Distance, Open Now, Price, Rating, From Circles. There maybe more options, depending on the Category of your search?

You can select a level for the Score that you want to see.

This does NOT yet seem to be available on searches from Desktop devices. But even so, you know that more and more people are searching the web from mobile.

So a business has to first, deliver great products and services to their Customers, Clients or Patients.

Secondly, they should encourage their Customers, Clients or Patients to publicly tell the world about their experience with the business.

Google Plus Local is, of course, a very powerful place for them to do that.

Take a look at the system here:

It has more features than are shown there.

Here is a demo I setup for an  Auto Dealer.


Here are some screenshots



  Search was for tires  and since I had selected Local, it should be near me.



















Now I select the Rating button and choose a minimum rating of 16























If You toggle to Map View you get the Rated locations on the map.

Click the location pin that you want more info on.




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