Google+ Local Search Requires A Second Search

Google+ Local Search Requires A Second Search

By: John Wilson      Google

I am finding that when I search Google+ Local for some categories, the results are confusing.

There seems to be no reviews for many businesses and a few with Zagat Scores. I know that some businesses that show no reviews actually have Google reviews so it seems that the number of reviews that a business has are ONLY shown when they have at least Ten reviews.

Ten reviews is the number at which point Zagat scoring comes into play.

But another problem is that even businesses with Zagat scores are not listed at the top of the results, but are scattered throughout those which do not show any reviews.

One search showed the ONLY business WITH a Zagat score as the very LAST listing????

The Second Search

The second search that you can do to see the Zagat scored businesses is to use a FIND search (ctrl+F) for score. That will show you those Zagat scored businesses. Just click next to see others.

But, before you do the search, you must try to scroll to the bottom of the results page. As you approach the bottom, you will notice that the scroll bar changes size and position, indicating that more results have been added.

You keep scrolling for the bottom until you finally get there.

Now you are ready to do the page search to find the Zagat scored businesses.

Google will fix this, I am sure.



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