Google+ Signup Process is being Abandoned

Trouble Getting Customers to Post to Google+ 

By: John Wilson      Google


OK, so you want to improve your online reputation.

You ask Customers for Reviews they do NOT post their review on your Google+ Local Page even though you have given them some brief instructions.


I believe the reason for this is that those Customers do not have a Google+ account. If they don’t they will be asked to Signup for the free account.

The Signup process SEEMS complicated. It REALLY isn’t; it’s just that Google tries to tell you about Google+ during the process.

So, on the left side of the page there information about Circles and Friends and stuff and on the right side is the Form to fill out to get your account that asks for your Mobile number, your current email address and one of those crazy TEXTS that you have to figure out and type into a box so they know you are really a HUMAN???

And there’s several pages of this before you actually finish the process.

There’s one page where they give you the opportunity to supply a photo of yourself.

Google is “selling” being a Google+ user and socially interacting with others.

But, of course, that’s not what our Customer came here for.

They were just doing us a favor of saying nice things about us to help our online Reputation.

You don’t have to provide a photo. Just click to continue.

All this if fine for “Facebook users” who “get it” and understand this but NOT so good for our Customer.

So they just stop, they ABANDON the Signup process.

A confused mind will NOT act.

Our Customer was not prepared for this.

We get NO review!!   Bummer!!

Note to Google: Get the Signup… Then Sell.

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