SMS Text Messages Gets You More Customers.

By John Wilson

You need to collect as many of your Customers’ mobile phone numbers as possible so that you can send them Special Offers that you may create from time to time. You should also have a method of collecting prospective customers’ mobile ph0ne numbers.

You can send text messages to them which is one of the best ways of actually getting your messages read or seen by them.

Most everyone has a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages.

Using QR codes is the perfect way to make it quick and convenient for anyone interested in your services to opt-in to your SMS list.

You could also get them to opt-in from text instructions such as: “Send mobile50 to 72727″

They use 72727 as the To: entry of the text message and enter mobile50 into the body text of the text message and click Send.

So, basically SMS text messaging gets you more customers by allowing more communication to actually get read by your prospective customers. The more offers from you that they see, the more they will become your new customers.

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Watch this 1-1/2 minute video to better understand how SMS Text Messaging works:

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