How to Post a Review on Google+ Local Page.

How to Post a Review on Google+ Local Pages.

By: John Wilson      Google

In order to post a Review on a Google+ Local Page, you must have a Google+ Account.

If you already have a Google+ Account, skip to the actual review process below.

The account is free. Just SignUp here:

What in personal information must I give?

They only require your name and date of birth.

You choose your username and create a password.

That’s about all there is to it. They will, however give you information about Google+ and try to tell you how you can use it to connect to your friends or others.

Once you get your username and password setup, you will be ready to login and Search for Businesses and Post Reviews their Google+ Pages.


Enter your first and last names.

Username:  you enter characters which will be the “user” of an email address.

If you enter johnjones here your  username will be:

If that name is being used by someone else, you just choose another.

Google may offer suggestions from which you can choose a username.

 Note: Google will setup a Gmail e-mail account for you using this address and the password that you choose next. You DO NOT have to use the email account. They just give it to you.  Gmail e-mail accounts are very good so use it if you choose to.

 Password: needs to be at least (8) characters in length.

choose your username and password


Mobile Phone and your current email are NOT REQUIRED. If you give them to Google it will allow you to get or reset your password should you forget it later on.

To prevent computer programs from using this process, you read some distorted text and type it into a text box. If the text that is currently displayed is difficult for you to read, just click the circular arrow until you get text that you can read.

Click the box to Agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then, click the Next Step button.

The next screen allows you to upload your photo if you choose, but you can skip it for now by clicking the Next Step button.

upload your photo or click Next Step to skip


Click Get Started

Click Get Started to begin.
Once you are logged in to your Google+ you may need to click the Local icon.

Click Local icon to go to Google+ Local




If you have a list of Businesses showing, just click the Name of one you want to see its Google+ Local Page.

If you search for a Company Name, its Google+ Local Page should show.

Then click the Blue “Write a review” button.

the Write your review screen













After you click Publish, you will be asked if you want to SHARE with your Circles.

If you have NO Circles, just click “No Thanks”.

That’s it!



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