JQuery Mobile is nearly Ready!

By John Wilson

A couple of weeks ago, JQuery Mobile moved to Release Candidate 1.

You can see it at: http://jquerymobile.com/test/

Depending on your level of experience with websites, you can look at their presentation there and get a decent looking website setup that looks good on a mobile phone.

Here is one demo that I did: http://xsqr.com/mobile6/

Once that page loads on a regular computer, just drag the side of your browser to narrow the display down to the approximate size of a cellphone and you will get a better idea. If you have a smartphone it will display fine from the link above.

Adobe and Dreamweaver is very involved with JQuery Mobile and have tied it into their CS5.5 version of Dreamweaver.

To get a better idea of the designs that are possible, you should look at this site:


I am very impressed with the power and relative ease of use and I am following their continued development.



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