QR Code for Google+ Local Page Does NOT Work!

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

UPDATE – NOV 10, 2012

It now takes you to a mobile version on plus.google.com but STILL does NOT contain the Write a review button to allow a visitor to post a review.

Maybe it is a sign of progress. I hope so!  John


QR Codes are meant to be “read” by Mobile Devices.

But a QR Code that contains the URL to your Google Plus Local page will not take you to a mobile version of your page that contains the “Write a Review” button.

It takes the user to a maps page that will contain some information from your page but it does not contain the “Write a Review” button so that a visitor could write a review from their mobile device (usually a smartphone).

I was introduced to QR Codes when Google Places promoted them as an easy way to send someone to your Google Places page

But since May 30, 2012 Google Places is replaced by Google Plus Local.

In addition, you can NOT get there from a mobile phone by entering the URL into a browser on the phone.

You can try it - here is the url and a QR code to my


link to Internet-Local.com Google Plus Local Page







You have to use Google Maps app on an Android or Google Plus Local on an iPhone.

Open the app and type the Business Name, City State into the search box.

Click the name when it appears on the map and you see the Write a review button.


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