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By: John Wilson

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Text Message Marketing Campaign Examples


Here we will take a look at some examples of the kinds of campaigns you can run with text message marketing.  This is a great way to help you envision how it could work with your own business.


Dunkin Donuts 


Dunkin Donuts wanted to introduce it’s new Latte to a more youthful market.  Knowing that almost all youth are attached to their cellphones, they targeted local high schools and colleges with their campaign.  They got people to opt in to their text list for a coupon that would let them get a Latte for 99 cents.  In-store traffic increased by 21% as a result of the campaign, and 17% of people asked said they had forwarded or shown a friend the message.



Best Buy


It makes sense that one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in the world has a text message marketing campaign.  Best Buy set up a number of different campaigns to target different buyers.  For example they have a “Deal of Day” group that they text a special deal to everyday.  They also had a “Movie Club” that people could opt in to and they would receive deals on movies, and announcements of new releases.  This way the text messages were laser targeted to certain customers who had related interests.  While not solely responsible, this campaign launch did coincide with a 13% increase in revenues last December.





McDonalds is a company that is always investing in new marketing ideas.  McDonalds in Italy used text message marketing to run an instant prize campaign.  People could text a number on their cups (which opted them into the marketing list) and they would get an instant prize.  The prizes ranged from cheap web content, to more substantial prizes like mobile phones.  The campaign finished with a 25% INSTANT response rate, and was their most successful mobile marketing foray yet.



Gas Stations


Many gas stations are now using text message marketing to great effect.  One of the more popular methods is to offer something free for people to opt in.  The last campaign I saw, offered people free windshield washer fluid with the purchase of gas. To get the deal you had to text a certain word to a number, and you were added to the list.  You got your free washer fluid, and you also got updates when gas was about to rise.  The gas station would notice a spike in that night’s gas sales when they broadcasted a text. 




Kraft Foods


Kraft foods was debuting a new product, it was a new instant coffee product and they turned to text message marketing to debut it.  Using their print ads, in store advertising etc… they prompted people to text a number and receive a coupon for a free sample.  Over 400,000 people requested a sample, and 80,000 of those opted in for future messages from Kraft. 



Red Cross


This is a campaign that you might be familiar with actually.  Remember the Haiti earthquake tragedy? You might have seen calls for people to “Text ‘Haiti’ to 90999… “. This is a type of text message marketing campaign and it helped the Red Cross earn over $32 million.  While this is different than a traditional text marketing campaign, it still shows the scope and effectiveness that these campaigns provide.





This was a campaign I worked on, and the owner didn’t want his specific restaurant mentioned.   The basic campaign was simple.  On his website we set up an image that offered a free dessert if you texted the name of his restaurant to a certain number.  We also set up a display ad in his restaurant that urged people to do the same.  He noticed great response from both, and build a decent list quite quickly.  His repeat business has shot through the roof since.  He doesn’t overwhelm the people on his list with messages he simply sends out a message when he has a new seasonal special, or when he has some sort of event.  The response has been great thus far, most notably for his event nights which are now much busier and livelier.


This is only a small percentage of success stories from text message marketing.  This should give you a glimpse into the flexibility and effectiveness of this marketing.  I also hope it gives you some ideas on how your business can best take advantage of text message marketing.

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