Update about QR Code for Google Plus Local Page

By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

UPDATE – NOV 10, 2012

It now takes you to a mobile version on plus.google.com but STILL does NOT contain the Write a review button to allow a visitor to post a review.

Maybe it is a sign of progress. I hope so!  John


Here is an easy way to check using Google Chrome (you should use Chrome for all mobile sites.)

Search for Chrome QR code Extension.

It will install to your Chrome browser so that whenever you wanted to see how that page would look on your mobile phone, just click the icon and a QR  code for the page appears.

Scan that QR code with your mobile phone.

Here is a screen shot with it installed.

Chrome browser extension to create QR code


Use the extension to create a qr code when you are looking at your Google Plus Local Page. Scan it with your cellphone and see what it looks like.

Maybe it is a work in progress so that in the near future it will also include the Write a review Button to allow a visitor to leave a review.

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