Use Your Own Email Address As Your Google Plus Username

Why Use Your own email can be used as your username?


By: John Wilson    My Google Profile

UPDATE: 3/22/14  I just noticed that the Captcha where prove that you are not a Robot has gotten really simple, just numbers now which makes it really easy. Before it was next to impossible to read some of the characters.

Another change that I noticed today is that it is now possible to use Google Maps app to write a Review on an iPhone or an Android mobile phone.

You have to login to your Google account before you can post a review. They use your email address but allow you to setup your own password.

If you use your own email address when getting a Google+ Account, it will be easier to remember when you want to write a review. You have to login using that email address and the Password that you choose to use.

I recommend that you use your smartphone to get a Google Plus Account.

Scan this QR Code with a barcode scanner app from your smartphone.

scan to get google plus account

scan to go to:




You should see a form to fill out.

Whatever you put into the First and Last name will show, so you may want to use your initial or a nickname to gain a little anonymity. Google, of course, will know who wrote it.
Notice username field has a link to click so that you can use your own email as your username. This makes it easy to remember your Login which you will need when you write a review.

Here is a screen shot from my Android phone.





You will get an email to your email address that you enter to confirm that you own it. 

Continue to fill the form, click Next Step at the bottom.

Continue to follow directions and you will get your account.

Remember that it will not be fully usable until you confirm your email address by clicking a link in the email that Google sends you.

Once you get your account, you will be able to Write Reviews for places you visit, Restaurants where you dine, Doctors and Dentists and other companies and organizations  that you do business with.

Google actually WANTS you to be active with your account.

Use Google Maps app on Android or Google Plus Local on iPhone to search for the business that you want to review. Look for the Write a review button on Maps or Rate and Review this place on iPhone.

You have to Click a Star for the rating before the rest of the form will appear. The Stars, at first, look “grayed out” or inactive, but when you click a star, you will see them “light up” and you can type your comments.

You will be glad that you got this setup.

Go ahead, grab your phone and do it now.

The process is quick and it is easier that it ever has been.




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