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By: John Wilson    Google 

See Screenshot from my Android of Write a review button below:

A QR code for the direct url to a Google+ Local Page will not Now take you to the actual mobile version of the Google+ Local Page but instead to some version of  maps. It will NOT contain a Write a review button, so you cannot Write a review from a link of a QR code as things stand now.

How to Write a Google Plus Review from a Mobile phone

Screenshot from HTC Incredible

In order to write a Google Plus review of a business, you must be logged into your Google Plus account.

A Google Plus account is free, just Signup at: http://plus.google.com

I believe that it will be easier for most people to get a Google Plus Account from their smartphone.

As of 8/31/2012 the only reliable way to write a review is by using the Google Plus app or the Google Maps app on Android or Google Local app on iPhone.

Google Maps has been downloaded more than 100 Million times so you may already have it on your phone.

Open Google Maps

In the Search box type in the name of the Business, the City and State where they are located.

Maps searches and shows them on a map.

Click their place on the map which should take you to a mobile version of the Business’ Google Plus Local Page where you should see the “Write a review” button.

Click the Button

After that you may be shown some screens about getting a Google Plus account if you don’t already have one. I think this will vary a little according to the phone you have.

It seems to be easier on a mobile, probably because you are already identified to some extent. On Android, many have a Gmail account setup which helps make it easier, I think.

After that you should be able to see the Review Form and write your review and rate the Business in one or more categories, depending on the type of business.

I have found that it does not always work perfectly, but if it works for you, it will be the easiest way to begin Google+ on Mobile.




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